Feedback summary

February 15, 2017

During the first open days at the Ledbury Estate garages we started to collect feedback in response to the proposed plans and programme. We are very pleased and feel encouraged that 99% of people think that they will benefit from the proposed Livesey Exchange project.

29 people filled in a feedback form during the Peckham Festival on the 10th September 2016 and 73 people at the open day on the 14th January 2017.

Asked “what do you like the best” 30% of comments related to the community focus and diversity of the project. Here some quotes:

“I like that it is going to help the local community and young people.”

“The diversity of everything that’s on offer and overall vibe. Very inclusive and inspiring.”

“Innovation. Creative ideas that are bringing the community together in such a positive way. Possibilities are endless. Such a great space.”

40% of respondents liked the space, the proposed use and layout the best.

“Innovative use for a beautiful disused space.”

” The size of the space and potential for different projects.”

The feedback forms are also available online and we will continue throughout the spring 2017 to gather comments and suggestions that help to shape the project and the delivery which will take place in phases.


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