Friends of the Livesey Exchange

Main project funders:


The Old Kent Road studios were selected as part of the Mayor’s Civic crowdfunding campaign and in June 2016 recieved the maxiumum pledge of £20K.



Southwark Council has offered the lease for the Ledbury garages and funded by Southwark’s Highstreet Challenge Fund the OKR studios/Livesey Exchange are developing a business plan and mangement structure.

Southwark Tenant Fund

The Tenants Fund Management Committee and the Tenants Council support this project because we see it as an important community resource within Southwark’s proposed Old Kent Road Area Action Plan (AAP) and will provide a hub for training, meetings, and information to the residents within the AAP.
The AAP will affect twenty one housing estates and thousands of our members. It is important that local residents are involved in the development as it evolves and have the training and skills to effectively participate in this twenty year project.
Ian Ritchie, Chair TFMC



The Old Kent Road Studios is an inspiring and innovative project that will transform the Southwark community and enrich the lives of locals. We believe technology and innovation should bring people together and help build vibrant communities; this is at the heart of everything Airbnb does. We are thrilled to support this grassroots movement and to see Airbnb hosts work alongside partners from Southwark Council and the Greater London Authority to make London a better place for everyone.


Local residents and businesses (see crowdfunding)

Once completed, it will be a real asset for Peckham residents.
Councillor Michael Situ 27 May 2016

This is a much needed resource in the community! And an opportunity for all to get involved from the grass roots!
Denise Baird, 18 July 2016

This would be a huge asset to the area – an exciting community project with so many interesting facets.
Alex Crawford, 20 May 2016 21:25

This will be an excellent space for our young people to hangout which will increase their confidence and well being.
Carol Ossai-Nwosu, 25 June 2016