NLA on location tour

July 14, 2016

NLA Southwark On Location tour

Visit of the Ledbury Estate garage space that is to become the Ledbury Exchange.

what if: projects, Pempeople and Mark Brearley of local business Kaymet and founder of Vital OKR contributed to the ‘New London Architecture-Southwark On Location conference’.

Extracts from Mark Brearley’s speech:

“I’m Mark Brearley from local manufacturing business Kaymet. (…) We have been in this area since 1947; A seven person enterprise that produces 15,000 beautiful aluminium trays each year and exports to 30 countries.

This initiative, the Ledbury Exchange, has superb intent. We are happy to support it, as are many other businesses around here. A good thing is about to happen in this space, pushed forward by a group of brilliant local people.

In the Opportunity Area currently there are over 10,000 jobs in around 800 businesses. This is not nothing.

Nearly half of the jobs, about four and a half thousand, are in industrial activities, with some fold over into studio goings on. It’s this part of the economy that offers the readiest chances for growth, and that has so much to offer the area’s residents. It could happily and easily double, if it had the right space. It wants to be here. (…)”

Vital OKR seeks to give a voice to the economy of the Old Kent Road.
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OKR screen print
OKR screen print. Based on Peckham Civic Centre OKR mosaic by Adam Kossowski, 1965.