OKR Studios crowdfunding

August 16, 2016

OKR studios crowdfunding campaign: May – August 2016
The Livesey Exchange team ran a crowdfunding campaign ‘OKR studios’ and thanks to 209 individuals, businesses and organisations raised £53,754. The project received the maximum Mayor of London pledge (£20K) and attracted funding from Airbnb and the Southwark Tenant Fund.

Funding raised as part of the crowdfunding campaign will be used to kick-start the project on site and make the garages useable for a programme that requires little infrastructure. Further funding for the construction works will be sourced from additional funders.

For information about the crowdfunding campaign refer to Spacehive.

Comments from supporters include:

“Once completed, it will be a real asset for Peckham residents.”
Councillor Michael Situ 27 May 2016

“This is a much needed resource in the community! And an opportunity for all to get involved from the grass roots!” Denise Baird, 18 July 2016

“This would be a huge asset to the area – an exciting community project with so many interesting facets”. Alex Crawford, 20 May 2016 21:25

“This will be an excellent space for our young people to hangout which will increase their confidence and well being.” Carol Ossai-Nwosu, 25 June 2016