Skill sharing

A number of people and organisations have rolled up their sleaves and are currently supporting us in developing the project.

A special thanks to some of the volunteers:

Isabelle Smith (Atkins)
and Julie-Anne Walker (Skelly &Couch), John Gunstone (Max Fordham) for helping us resolve the M+E requirements.

A&E Elkins Ltd and Rodney Miller for providing us with much needed temporary WCs and their practical input in getting the project built.

James Green, Louise Colgan and Maya Alvarado for running the temporary workshop at the Livesey Exchange. They are called the Power Project and formed the Livesey Exchange workshop.

Nomadic people for running leather making workshops during the open days.

Mobile Forge for a live introduction to blacksmithing

Alexander Christie for his photography of the spaces.

Imwen Eke and Heidi Rustgaard for volunteering their time as directors of the Livesey Exchange.

Structure Workshop for providing structural engineering input.

Standage for helping us develop the feasibility study for the new building.

Berkeley Homes for providing us with a topographic survey for the Lovegrove Street site.

Peckham Weeklies, Action OKR and business association Vital OKR for helping to organise and deliver public events, and for supporting the project development over many years.

Pempeople’s bike project for delivering free bike repair sessions for local children.

Note: this list is to be continued.


We are always looking for volunteers to help develop the project.
If you would like to contribute your skills contact: