Workspace exhibiton at NLA 13.10.-17.12.

September 23, 2016

Livesey Exchange proposals will be part of an exhibition at the New London Architecture Centre ‘Shaping London’s future workspaces’ 13.October – 17.December 2017

‘This exhibition discusses the changing nature of work in a time of flux: both internationally, technologically and culturally. What do we need for the future? Where will we working?’

‘With ever increasing lifespans, there may be four generations in one working environment; technological advances will afford new ways of working flexibly and collaboratively. Accommodation for commercial and industrial uses is under threat. London’s continued growth – to an expected 10 million people by 2039 – is pushing up land prices. In a post-Brexit world, London will have to work harder than ever to compete on a global level to attract and retain the best talent. The availability, affordability and quality of the spaces in which we work will be critical.”

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Drawing by what if: projects