We're Livesey Exchange by PemPeople

Connecting local residents, creators and organisations in the London Borough of Southwark

Who We Are

About Livesey Exchange

Livesey Exchange is a local grassroots project initiated by Pempeople with the aim of transforming spaces near and on Old Kent Road into workshops, studios, multidisciplinary spaces, skill development training and cultural programmes.

Our Founder

Pempeople (People Empowering People) is a non-profit organisation by community enabler Nicholas Okwulu who works primarily with local residents and community organisations from Southwark's grassroots community.

Our Funders

It’s thanks to the generosity of over 200 supporters, Livesey Exchange can start constructing the new venue on Old Kent Road. Our supporters include local residents, businesses and organisations.

What's On

The Black Makers by Making Numbers

Friday 29 October 2021 at Livesey Exchange Garages (LEX 1).

Senses By NDA (NeuroDivergent Association)

Wednesday 27 October 2021 at Livesey Exchange Garages (LEX 1).

Fabrix host the PERMANENT TEMPORARY by Pempeople

Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 September 2021 at The Bottle Factory.

Film screening of Sensing the City: Young People and Regeneration in London

Friday 24 September 2021, 6.30 pm at Livesey Exchange Garages (LEX 1).

Community Interviews by Making Numbers

Friday 24 September 2021, 4.30 pm at Livesey Exchange Garages (LEX 1).

Self-Love Zine Workshop by Fiona Quadri

Thursday 23 September 2021, 6.30 pm at Livesey Exchange Garages (LEX 1).

Community Building Project Updates

In 2022, Livesey Exchange (LEX2) will open its doors as a brand-new venue on Old Kent Road in London, UK. Through its mix of accessible social, cultural and community space, this venue will support the local community. Keep up to date with the latest news!

Planning Application Submitted

Detailed planning application of the proposed development has been submitted to Southwark Council.

Planning Application Preparation – Get Involved

In preparation for the planning application submission, join our consultation on Friday 18 to Sunday 20 October 2019.

Livesey Exchange 2 Proposed Design

On the 5 April 2019, the proposed design for the new Livesey Exchange building on Old Kent Road was presented for the first time.


Permanent Temporary

A Livesey Exchange by PemPeople x Fabrix Collaboration.

Southwark South Design District

A Livesey Exchange by PemPeople x Jan Hendzel Studio Collaboration.

The Big Lunch Christmas Edition

The Eden Communities x Livesey Exchange by PemPeople Collaboration.


Livesey Exchange (LEX 1)
135 Bird in Bush Road
London SE15 1QP
United Kingdom

Livesey Exchange (LEX 2)
567 Old Kent Road
London SE1 5EW
United Kingdom


Livesey Exchange (LEX 1)
Monday – Saturday
9 am to 9 pm GMT

Livesey Exchange (LEX 2)
Opening in 2022