Peckham Weeklies: Hands-on Workshops

Revealing a history of making on the Old Kent Road on Saturday 24 June 2017 at Livesey Exchange Gaarages

Date: Saturday 24 June 2017, 6.30 pm
135 Bird in Bush Road, Peckham London SE15 1QP

On Saturday 24 June, Livesey Exchange Garages (LEX 1) is becoming a hub for hands-on making and insight, giving local people a way into this sometimes hard to enter world. Local businesses will run workshops to share their skills and show what kind of things are produced in the area and at the Livesey Exchange.

The Old Kent Road (OKR) is one of London’s oldest roads, and for well over a century it has been at the centre of an area alive with industry. From hats, costumes, tin cans, terrazzo, scenery and tray manufacturers to printers, menders, fabricators, construction merchants and couriers, the close to 1000 businesses trading along and around the OKR are a rich resource for the Capital, making and supplying the things and the services it needs, as well as offering thousands of local jobs.

That economy continues to play a key part in the ongoing evolution of South London. As one of the Greater London Authority’s ‘opportunity areas’ many of the OKR businesses will be affected by plans for 25,000 new homes. But what value does the industry have in shaping the future of the Old Kent Road?

Peckham Weeklies, with support from many local enterprises, and in collaboration with Cass Cities from London Metropolitan University and business association Vital OKR, is putting on a multi-day event on the 23 and 24 June with guided tours, an exhibition and workshops at the Livesey Exchange, a new venue for making on the OKR.

Please wear sturdy shoes when participating in the workshops.

11 am – 2 pm: Make your own work light
Livesey Workshop opens its doors for Power Project’s third product in their series celebrating practical skills and empowering women. Power project invites women interested in learning new workshop skills to construct personal work lights. Power Project’s work-lights will be made using simple metalworking techniques.

Power Project runs the temporary workshop at the Livesey Exchange. Join James Green, Maya Alvarado and Louise Colgan.

13:00-16:00: Herringbones dipping workshop
Join Designer of the Year 2017 ‘Raw Edge” and learn their wood dying techniques. This workshop is suitable for children.

1 pm – 4 pm: Apron making workshop 
Community Thread hosts a first-come-first-serve sewing workshop. Choose the template, fabric and join us at our table to refine and sew your very own Apron. Learn simple techniques and tricks that will make future sewing projects a success and delight. Join Hannah Cawley.

11 pm – 6 pm: Vital OKR
Learn about local industries and the Old Kent Road economy with Mark Brearley of tray manufacturers Kaymet, founder of Vital OKR and professor at CASS Cities, London Metropolitan University.

Photo credit: Alexander Christie.

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