Livesey Exchange Open Day

Saturday 14 January 2017, 1 pm to 4 pm

Thanks to everyone who came along to the open day and to all those who helped to organise it. The clamp making in the Livesey workshop and the mobile forge was a great trial of what is about to come. Latin American dancers, ukulele performances, bubble blowing combined with architectural drawings and a model made for a fun and informative event.

We are very pleased about the 60 feedback forms we received on the day and that so many xanax online buy visitors told us what they thought about the proposed transformation of the garages on the Ledbury Estate. The feedback will be analysed and published in the near future.

Special thanks to James Green and Maya Alvarado for running the ‘Power Project’ workshop, Kevin Boys for his mobile forge workshop, and the New Tribe Art’s Development for dance and music.

Drawings and photo credit: what if: project

Livesey Exchange (LEX 2) News

New London Architecture – Southwark On Location Conference

Pempeople, what if: projects, and Mark Brearley of local business Kaymet and founder of Vital OKR contributed to the Southwark On Location conference.

OKR studios (now Livesey Exchange 2) crowdfunding campaign

We are raised £53,754 from 209 people, businesses and organisations. Thank you!

Livesey Exchange Open Day

Thanks to everyone who came along to the open day on Tuesday 6 December 2016.

Peckham Festival 2016

Plans for the proposed Livesey Exchange 2 will be on display on 10 September 2016. Come along and tell us what you think!