Planning Application Preparation Consultation

Tell us what you think! Consultations continue!

Planning Application Preparation

Date: Friday 18 to Sunday 20 October 2019
Time: Friday 12 pm to 8 pm | Saturday 12 pm to 7 pm | Sunday 2 pm to 6 pm
231 Old Kent Road, London SE1 5LU

In preparation for the planning application submission and following the most recent consultations at the Pempeople Pop-Up shop, we will continue to talk to residents, potential future tenants and businesses in the Old Kent Road area. To ensure that we get the building and programme of use right, we invite young and old to share their thoughts, wishes and ideas with us.

The Livesey Exchange proposal will be shown in detail and in the context of Old Kent Road using the 6m long model produced by Action Old Ken Road.

Here are some of our questions to you:
How will you benefit from the proposed spaces at the Livesey Exchange?
What skills would you like to learn?
What skills can you share with others?
What professional support or mentoring are you looking for?

Photo credit: Alex Christie, what if: projects

Livesey Exchange Updates

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We are raised £53,754 from 209 people, businesses and organisations. Thank you!

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Peckham Festival 2016

Plans for the proposed Livesey Exchange 2 will be on display on 10 September 2016. Come along and tell us what you think!